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Specifying UV LED Curing Systems

Written by: Aoife Chapman on Feb 18th, 2016

In our previous post on UV LED Curing, we discussed the many advantages of UV LED Curing versus traditional technologies. When specifying a UV LED Curing System, however, it is important to note that not all UV LED systems are the same. This post outlines important factors for comparison in UV LED curing systems.

UV LED Curing Systems Performance

One of the key issues in specifying UV LED Curing systems is the lack of standardization in how manufacturers determine performance criteria. Measures like irradiance and energy density (dose) are critical to the performance of the curing system in your press, yet values given by manufacturers are not always comparable. Look for a manufacturer who defines how values were obtained. ProPhotonix has recently updated the COBRA Cure FX1 datasheet to incorporate additional data and specify how tests were completed.

Ease of installation

A key consideration with any new system is the ease of installation into your system. The COBRA Cure FX Series has been designed to optimize the compactness offered by an LED solution. ProPhotonix has provided a number of mounting options and industry standard electrical connections to ease integration into your system.

Ease of Operation

Ultimately, any UV LED Curing system must be easy to operate and maintain. The COBRA Cure FX1 incorporates an innovative field replaceable window to avoid reduction of intensity exiting the module, as a result of build-up of material (ink, adhesive, etc.) that can occur over time. This feature allows for the window to be changed without the need for any special tools.

Top Tips for specifying a UV LED System

When specifying a UV LED system, it is important to understand that not all manufacturers measure performance in the same way. As a result, in your evaluation of UV LED systems, consider how the performance is measured.  Look for compact systems to ease installation and innovative features to minimize maintenance hours.

To download the new COBRA Cure FX1 Datasheet, click here.

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