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Top 5 considerations when choosing laser diodes

Top five considerations when choosing laser diodes

When purchasing laser diodes for any application, engineers, technicians and procurement specialists generally refer to certain specifications that their system or application requires. When you buy  laser diodes, there are certain criteria that ensures the correct laser diode is chosen for your application. Below we have listed 5 key considerations when choosing  [Read More…]

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Key requirements when selecting your Structured Light Lasers

Structured Light Lasers

  Structured light lasers are a significant part of the illumination segment of machine vision based applications. The structured light source would generally be in the form of a line (or series of lines), a matrix of dots or in some cases a randomly generated pattern. There are a number  [Read More…]

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Laser Diode Modules for Patient Positioning

Laser Diode Modules for Patient Positioning

  In recent years the number of applications for laser modules in the medical industry has seen a rapid increase. Laser diode modules are used in CT scanners, MRI machines and X-ray systems to enable precise, accurate patient alignment.   Requirements of Laser Modules in Patient Alignment Systems Laser diode  [Read More…]

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How do LED Line Lights compare to Fluorescent?

LED Line Light versus Fluorescent

LED Line light Versus Fluorescent Much has been said about the advantages of LED Line lights over the standard high output fluorescent. We at ProPhotonix have put this to the test by measuring our LOTUS LED line light against the standard high output fluorescent to see how LED Line Lights compare  [Read More…]

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Have you been waiting for Green Laser Modules?

Green Laser Modules

  One of the most important technology changes in recent times is the introduction of the new direct emitting, 520nm, laser diode from Osram Opto-Semiconductor. This technology allows green laser modules as a much more attractive solution versus traditional technologies. Advantages over traditional  DPSS Lasers Laser Modules have been available in  [Read More…]

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Advantages of Chip-on-Board LED vs. Surface Mount LED

Chip-On-Board LED Technology

  What is Chip-on- Board LED Technology? Chip-on-Board LED technology describes the mounting of a bare LED chip in direct contact with the substrate to produce LED arrays. It is a method of LED packaging which has a number of advantages over conventional technologies such as “T-pack” and Surface Mount  [Read More…]

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