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New Red Laser Diode

Red Laser Diode

ProPhotonix recently added a new red laser diode from Ushio to their product range. This post reviews the benefits of the new red laser diode, as well as the range available from ProPhotonix. The new red laser diode The new HL63263DG offers high optical output power (200mW) at a wavelength of 638nm. This  [Read More…]

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LED Solar Simulators

LED Solar Simulators

This post summarizes an article recently published in Photonics Spectra about the advantages of LED Solar Simulators over traditional technologies. A solar simulator is an instrument that provides illumination approximating natural sunlight and is primarily used to measure the electrical characteristics of photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules and accelerated lifetime  [Read More…]

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Wavelength Stabilized Laser Diodes

Wavelength stabilized laser diodes

With over 20 years’ experience in laser diodes, ProPhotonix works with laser diode manufacturers to ensure that we provide the right laser diode for each specific application. A common requirement for applications such as spectroscopy, metrology, sensing, or bio-instrumentation is wavelength stability. For these types of applications, Ondax laser diodes  [Read More…]

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New LED Line Light

New LED Line Light

LED line lights in machine vision applications are often associated with shorter working distances. In some applications, however, the stand-off distance (the distance between the light and the target) is longer and a long throw LED line light is required. This post looks at the new Infinity LED line light  [Read More…]

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IP67-rated Machine Vision Lighting

IP67 Machine Vision Lighting

ProPhotonix has just announced a new IP67-rated compatible enclosure for its SpecBright range of LED area, ring and spot lights.  Below, we will discuss this new standard feature and its applications. What is IP67? The IP rating (or ingress protection rating) of a product refers to the product’s protection against  [Read More…]

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Machine Vision Lighting Techniques

Machine vision lighting

There are many considerations when determining your machine vision lighting technique. In this post, we will outline common machine vision lighting techniques, as well as the most important lighting considerations for each technique. What are the common Machine Vision Lighting Techniques? Most machine vision lighting applications can be described as  [Read More…]

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The Compact Green Laser Module

green laser module

ProPhotonix recently announced the launch of a Compact green laser module range. This post looks at the advantages of the new laser modules and the range of applications it addresses. Direct emission green laser modules As a distributor of premium laser diodes, ProPhotonix has access to the latest in laser  [Read More…]

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Machine Vision Lighting for Currency Inspection

machine vision lighting

Machine vision lighting plays a vital role in the inspection of banknotes. Today’s notes contain many security features (holograms, conductive strips, UV ink, micro print and etch features – to name a few) which complicates the inspection process often involving several inspections.  The print inspection examines the notes for defects  [Read More…]

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488nm Laser Diode Module

488nm Laser Diode module

ProPhotonix recently launched a 488nm laser diode module. This post looks at the advantages of the new laser module and the range of applications for it. The New 488nm Laser Diode Module ProPhotonix’ unique position as a distributor of laser diodes as well as designer and manufacturer of laser modules  [Read More…]

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Custom Fiber Coupled Laser Diode Module Array

fiber Coupled laser Diode module Array

In this post, we will outline a Custom Fiber-Coupled laser diode module array designed by ProPhotonix for use in a Computer-to-Plate (CtP) system. In CtP Systems, an image created in a desktop publishing application is output directly to a printing plate for use in a printing press for volume printing.  [Read More…]

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