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About Sony Laser Diodes

About Sony laser diodes

This post provides an overview of Sony laser diodes; including the available range, applications for Sony laser diodes, and some of the reasons for selecting a Sony laser diode. About Sony Founded in 1946, Sony is a multinational company with its headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan. Best known for its  [Read More…]

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About Ushio Laser Diodes

About Ushio Laser Diodes

This post provides an overview of Ushio laser diodes, including the available range, their applications and why you might select an Ushio laser diode. About Ushio The laser diode business (formerly part of Hitachi, and more recently Opnext and Oclaro) was incorporated into the Japanese Ushio Group in 2014, as  [Read More…]

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About Panasonic Laser Diodes

Panasonic Laser Diodes

This post will provide an overview of Panasonic laser diodes, including the available range, as well as why you might select a Panasonic laser diode. This is the third in a series of posts introducing our laser diode manufacturers. About Panasonic In addition to its popular consumer and audiovisual product  [Read More…]

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New Multispectral LED Line Light

Multispectral LED line light

ProPhotonix has recently announced a new multispectral LED line light, COBRA MultiSpec. The new product offers all of the benefits of the popular COBRA Series with up to twelve wavelengths. This post outlines the key features of the COBRA MultiSpec, potential applications as well as the benefits of a multispectral  [Read More…]

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Laser Diode Module Selection for Scientific Applications

Laser Diode Module

In order to meet the specific and precise needs of the scientific community, an optimum laser diode module from a high-quality manufacturer must be chosen. This post explains why laser diode modules are critical components in a number of scientific instruments, and how the best laser solution enables a broad  [Read More…]

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Laser Diodes for Laser Displays

Laser Diodes

Laser diodes are widely used in entertainment applications. The use of state-of-the-art laser effects and light shows not only dramatically increases the impact of any visual display or performance, but when executed to their full potential create an experience unsurpassed by other mediums. Here is our guide to selecting laser  [Read More…]

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New High Power UV LED Curing System

UV LED Curing Systems

ProPhotonix has recently announced the latest addition to its range of UV LED curing systems with the launch of COBRA Cure™ FX3. With this addition the COBRA Cure™ FX series is now offered with intensities up to 16 W/cm2. This post details the key features of the COBRA Cure™ FX3  [Read More…]

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New RGB LED Line Light

RGB LED Line Light

ProPhotonix has recently launched a new RGB LED line light developed for use in machine vision applications.  This post looks at the features of the new line light and describes the types of line scan applications that could benefit from its use. The New RGB LED Line Light Utilizing Chip-on-Board  [Read More…]

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Laser Diode Selection: Top Tips

Laser Diodes Top tips

When choosing a laser diode for your specific application, you will be faced with many considerations such as the flexibility of your specification, inevitable trade-offs, and ensuring you have a vendor who can fully meet your needs. Here are some top tips to guide you through the specification process. Understand  [Read More…]

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Specifying Laser Diode Modules for Photodynamic Therapy

Specifying laser diode modules for photodynamic therapy

Through photodynamic therapy, a range of soft tissue conditions in both humans and animals can be treated using targeted lasers. Here is our guide to the types of laser treatment available and the requirements for a diode laser systems that deliver stable laser energy at specific wavelengths and powers. Laser  [Read More…]

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