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About Sony Laser Diodes

Written by: Danielle Burke on Mar 2nd, 2017

This post provides an overview of Sony laser diodes; including the available range, applications for Sony laser diodes, and some of the reasons for selecting a Sony laser diode.

About Sony

Founded in 1946, Sony is a multinational company with its headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan. Best known for its market-leading consumer electronics product range, Sony also has a particular strength in semiconductor technology for CCDs, CMOS sensors, laser diodes and display devices.

The Sony Laser Diode Range

Sony supplies laser diodes primarily in the red and infrared range. It offers a unique range of laser diodes and laser diode arrays at wavelengths from 670nm to 840nm. Laser diode arrays offer output powers up to 60W. The company also offers thermoelectrically cooled laser diodes for high stability and repeatability. All Sony laser diodes have an estimated MTTF of 10,000 hours depending on the temperature and power levels.


Red and infrared laser diodes are used in a wide variety of applications such as industrial alignment, guidance systems, positioning and sensing, bar code scanning, process control, machine vision and targeting applications to name a few. One common application for infrared laser diodes is in gesture recognition.

Why Sony Laser Diodes

Sony is a well-established brand and the company has built up a wealth of experience and expertise through their 70 years in business. Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products for consumer and professional markets.


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