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Laser Diode Modules for Dental Imaging

Written by: Danielle Burke on Jul 20th, 2017

Laser diode modules for dental imaging have played a vital role in the development of new systems in the dental equipment market, enabling the acceleration of processes for both dentist and patient. This post will highlight the types of systems utilizing laser diode modules, laser module applications in these systems and the resulting key requirements of the laser diode modules.

ProPhotonix provides custom laser diode modules for a number of different applications in dental equipment including patient positioning lasers and dental imaging applications.

Applications in Dental Imaging

Advances in dental imaging, in particular, x-ray imaging have vastly accelerated diagnosis for dentists and patients. Current x-ray imaging machines offer a 360 degree view of the patient’s mouth. Laser modules are used in this latest technology in two ways. Compact, low power laser modules are typically used to provide a guide to healthcare professionals to ensure accurate patient alignment. Laser modules are later used to digitize the x-ray image following scanning.

Patient Positioning Lasers

To ensure the optimum image is acquired by an x-ray imaging system, patients must be precisely aligned with imaging equipment. Visible, eye-safe lasers, typically red or green line or cross lasers, project patterns onto the patients skin to ensure accurate targeting. In these patient positioning applications, laser modules must be compact, reliable and provide a long working life. Dental scanners are expensive pieces of equipment and any downtime is costly.

Laser Diode Modules for X-ray Digitization

Laser diode modules also play a more active role in the dental imaging process. When an image is captured on the x-ray plate a laser module is typically used to scan the image plate enabling digitization. The characteristics of the laser module output are critical in this application, including the laser spot size and the output power, which have a direct correlation with the quality of the image achieved. The laser module spot size and output power determine the resolution and contrast achieved in the final image. These two factors help to ensure accurate diagnosis.

Cost-Effective Custom Laser Solutions

ProPhotonix has delivered laser modules for both patient positioning and x-ray digitization. In designing and manufacturing laser diode modules for these applications, ProPhotonix has demonstrated its ability to deliver cost-effective custom laser solutions to demanding specifications. Throughout the design and manufacture of these laser modules, ProPhotonix has utilized its extensive experience in laser diode technology, its in-house optical, mechanical and electronic engineering resources, as well as the manufacturing know-how that it has acquired during 20 years of working with laser diode technology.

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