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LED Lights for Dental Imaging Applications

Written by: Aoife Chapman on Aug 31st, 2017

ProPhotonix provides a wide range of custom LED lights for dental imaging applications including miniature LED-based 3D-imaging light sources and LED lamps used in x-ray imaging applications. This post will discuss these applications, the critical requirements in these applications and how ProPhotonix achieved an optimal solution to each application need.

There have been dramatic changes in 3D and x-ray imaging in recent years which have vastly accelerated processes for dentists and patients. Advances in technology have meant that there is no longer a need for traditional impressions to be taken. Instead, with 3D imaging technology, a digital model of the mouth is generated utilizing a camera and light source.

3D imaging applications

When developing these 3D imaging systems, the nature of the application provides a number of challenges for illumination solution providers. The application requires an extremely compact illuminator which must generate adequate intensity and uniformity to ensure optimum image capture without generating excessive heat. Furthermore, the patient’s mouth and the subsequent sterilization of equipment result in a harsh environment for the light source.

LED Lights for 3D imaging applications

ProPhotonix’ expertise in Chip-on-Board LED technology, allows the company to provide the optimum illumination for this application. Incorporating more than 190 LEDs into an area of less than 55mm2, the illuminator provides high intensity and uniformity to deliver optimum imaging performance. The Company’s in house team of mechanical engineers custom designed a compact housing to address the necessary environmental issues.  Thermal management was also a critical consideration for this application to ensure that heat generated by the LEDs is safely directed away from the patient’s mouth while maximizing the lifetime of the LED array.


LED Lights for X-ray Imaging Applications

ProPhotonix also provides custom LEDs for x-ray imaging applications.  When a digital x-ray image is captured on the x-ray plate an LED light can be used to remove this image prior to reuse of the plate.

ProPhotonix provides a custom LED line light used to erase the image from the x-ray plate allowing it to be reused for the next patient. This light is manufactured with a specific wavelength and emits powerful, uniform illumination deleting the image from the plate. Uniformity of the light is critical in this application to ensure that all traces of the previous image are erased.  Any “ghost” images could interfere with a diagnosis.

ProPhotonix can provide custom LED solutions to meet a wide range of challenging applications. To learn more about custom LED solutions from ProPhotonix, download the brochure or contact us.

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