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UV LED Curing Lamp

New High Power UV LED Curing System

UV LED Curing Systems

ProPhotonix has recently announced the latest addition to its range of UV LED curing systems with the launch of COBRA Cure™ FX3. With this addition the COBRA Cure™ FX series is now offered with intensities up to 16 W/cm2. This post details the key features of the COBRA Cure™ FX3  [Read More…]

New UV LED Curing Lamp

New UV LED Curing Lamp

This post will look at a new UV LED Curing lamp from ProPhotonix, the advantages of UV LED lamps versus traditional technologies and the benefits of the new COBRA Cure FX1. UV LED Curing Lamps vs. Traditional Technologies LED illumination offers significant benefits versus traditional UV lamps. A typical UV  [Read More…]