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Laser Modules

Specifying Laser Diode Modules for Photodynamic Therapy

Specifying laser diode modules for photodynamic therapy

Through photodynamic therapy, a range of soft tissue conditions in both humans and animals can be treated using targeted lasers. Here is our guide to the types of laser treatment available and the requirements for a diode laser systems that deliver stable laser energy at specific wavelengths and powers. Laser  [Read More…]

Illumination challenges in Medical Imaging

medical imaging

Initially, machine vision applications were largely restricted to industrial settings, but in recent times there has been a dramatic increase in the use of vision systems in medical imaging applications. Applications range from endoscopy to vascular imaging, and while each application has its own specific requirements, there are consistent challenges  [Read More…]

LED Solution for Medical Vision Systems

LED Solution for Medical Vision System

LED solutions for medical vision systems are becoming more prevalent to meet the demanding requirements of the medical device industry. In this post, we look at an example of how LED technology has been used to enable the development of a vascular imaging system.   Vascular Imaging Requirements Illumination is a  [Read More…]