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Machine Vision Lighting

Strobing Machine Vision Lighting

strobing machine vision lighting

This post looks at machine vision strobe lighting, the reason why you would use strobe lighting in machine vision applications and multi-wavelength strobe applications. Why Use a Strobe Light Fast moving production lines where articles need to be inspected while in motion can be particularly challenging for machine vision systems.  [Read More…]

New Multispectral LED Line Light

Multispectral LED line light

ProPhotonix has recently announced a new multispectral LED line light, COBRA MultiSpec. The new product offers all of the benefits of the popular COBRA Series with up to twelve wavelengths. This post outlines the key features of the COBRA MultiSpec, potential applications as well as the benefits of a multispectral  [Read More…]

New RGB LED Line Light

RGB LED Line Light

ProPhotonix has recently launched a new RGB LED line light developed for use in machine vision applications.  This post looks at the features of the new line light and describes the types of line scan applications that could benefit from its use. The New RGB LED Line Light Utilizing Chip-on-Board  [Read More…]

Enhancing Quality with Machine Vision Lighting

Machine Vision Lighting

There are several factors that must be considered when seeking to enhance the quality of your throughput utilizing machine vision lighting. Three of the most important factors are wavelength, uniformity and angle of illumination. This post looks at these three important factors and their impact on image quality. In machine  [Read More…]

How Machine Vision Lighting Can Optimize Throughput

Machine Vision Lighting

Ensuring you have optimum illumination in terms of quality, speed, safety and cost is essential if you are to detect defects quickly and easily, thereby improving your processing times and throughput. The importance of quality Quality, is undoubtedly the most critical factor and it’s achieved by utilizing a high-quality machine  [Read More…]

Machine Vision Lighting FAQs Part 3

Machine Vision Lighting FAQs

In this post, part of our series on Machine Vision Lighting FAQs, we’ll look at an important consideration which is all too often overlooked until late in the design of vision systems; that of form factor in Machine vision lighting. Why is form factor important? This may seem obvious but  [Read More…]

Machine Vision Lighting FAQs Part 2

Machine Vision Lighting FAQs

In our previous post on machine vision lighting, we looked at wavelength and intensity in machine vision lighting. This post will look at the types of machine vision systems in use, as well as how this element will impact on your machine vision lighting selection. Machine Vision Applications There are  [Read More…]

Machine Vision Lighting FAQs Part 1

machine vision lighting

This post is the first in a series on machine vision lighting FAQs. These posts will outline the key questions to be considered by vision system designers when selecting the optimum machine vision lighting for their system. In this post we will discuss the importance of wavelength and intensity. What  [Read More…]

Selecting the optimum Machine Vision Lighting

Selecting the Optimum Machine vision Lighting

When you need a machine vision system that maximizes throughput and performs consistently, your machine vision lighting is critical. This post details the services available to help you optimize machine vision lighting for your vision system. Why focus on Machine Vision Lighting? Much has been said about the importance of  [Read More…]

New LED Line Light

New LED Line Light

LED line lights in machine vision applications are often associated with shorter working distances. In some applications, however, the stand-off distance (the distance between the light and the target) is longer and a long throw LED line light is required. This post looks at the new Infinity LED line light  [Read More…]

IP67-rated Machine Vision Lighting

IP67 Machine Vision Lighting

ProPhotonix has just announced a new IP67-rated compatible enclosure for its SpecBright range of LED area, ring and spot lights.  Below, we will discuss this new standard feature and its applications. What is IP67? The IP rating (or ingress protection rating) of a product refers to the product’s protection against  [Read More…]

Machine Vision Lighting Techniques

Machine vision lighting

There are many considerations when determining your machine vision lighting technique. In this post, we will outline common machine vision lighting techniques, as well as the most important lighting considerations for each technique. What are the common Machine Vision Lighting Techniques? Most machine vision lighting applications can be described as  [Read More…]

Machine Vision Lighting for Currency Inspection

machine vision lighting

Machine vision lighting plays a vital role in the inspection of banknotes. Today’s notes contain many security features (holograms, conductive strips, UV ink, micro print and etch features – to name a few) which complicates the inspection process often involving several inspections.  The print inspection examines the notes for defects  [Read More…]

LED Line Light Technologies

LED Line Light Technologies Blog Banner

There has been a dramatic shift in the technologies used for LED Line Lights in the past ten years. In a recent study by the EMVA (European Machine Vision Association), it was noted that machine vision lighting is now “almost entirely being realized by LED Lighting”. But what are the  [Read More…]

LED Line Lights in line scan applications

Led Line Lights in Line Scan Systems

In this post we will describe line scan applications; the reasons for selecting a line scan solution and explain some of the most important characteristics of LED Line lights for line scan applications. What is a line scan application? A line scan application is defined as a machine vision application that  [Read More…]

LED Line lights for Wafer Inspection

LED Line Lights For Solar inspection

Line scan systems utilizing LED line lights are used for sorting and grading of solar cells to increase throughput and reduce costs for solar cell production.  As solar panels require different cells to work together, vision systems are used to accurately detect defects early to avoid whole modules being compromised. Wafer  [Read More…]

Chip on Board LED Technology in Machine Vision Lighting

Machine Vision Lighting

In our post on the Advantages of Chip on Board Technology vs. Surface Mount technology, we defined Chip-on-Board LED technology and illustrated through an example the increased chip packing density achievable with Chip-on-Board technology. In today’s post, we explain the specific advantages of choosing Chip-on-Board technology for Machine Vision Lighting  [Read More…]

Key Considerations in IR (Infrared) Machine Vision Lighting

Key Considerations in IR Machine Vision Lighting

In our last post, we discussed IR Machine Vision Lighting and Applications.  In this post, we will examine the key considerations when selecting infrared machine vision lighting. 1. Inspection Material Properties The first consideration, when selecting machine vision lighting, should always be the material under inspection. Determining the transmission or  [Read More…]

IR (Infrared) Machine Vision Lighting and Applications

IR Machine Vision Lighting

Why use Infrared for Machine Vision Lighting? There are many different reasons to use infrared (IR) light in machine vision applications. Essentially, IR Lighting enables vision systems to work outside of the visible spectrum. Examples include systems where: 1. Visible light needs to be avoided 2. Material is opaque to  [Read More…]

4 Top Tips for selecting a LED Line Light

LED Line Light

Selecting an LED Line light for your machine vision system? Here are four tips to ensure you get the optimum solution for your application. 1. Consider Form Factor carefully It may sound obvious, but the form factor of the lighting is often overlooked when a vision system is designed. The  [Read More…]

Wavelength in LED Machine Vision Lighting Applications

Wavelength in LED Machine Vision Lighting

Machine vision inspection systems rely on the careful choice of illumination wavelength to enhance image contrast. Choosing the correct wavelength of light in machine vision lighting applications is important in order to enhance image features. In the following post, we look at the impact of wavelength in machine vision applications,  [Read More…]

LED Line Lights for Container Inspection

LED Line Lights

LED Line lights used for cargo container inspection assist in the management and flow of millions of containers through sea, air, road and rail ports each year. High quality imaging systems such as Optical Character Recognition systems (OCR) harness the illumination from LED light sources to capture and to read the  [Read More…]

Thermal Management in LED Machine Vision Lighting

Thermal Management in Machine Vision Lighting

Thermal Management is a key consideration when designing a LED illuminator for machine vision lighting but often the most overlooked requirement. LED Lighting provides high intensity, high performance illumination especially when utilizing Chip On Board LED high-density packaging technology. When an electrical current passes through the P-N Junction (the active region inside  [Read More…]

Why Choose LED Machine Vision Lighting

LED Machine Vision Lighting

  This is the first in a series of posts on machine vision lighting. This post looks at why you would choose LED machine vision lighting over traditional illumination sources. Illumination is a critical part of any vision system. The ability to identify a defect depends directly on the capacity  [Read More…]

How do LED Line Lights compare to Fluorescent?

LED Line Lights

LED Line light Versus Fluorescent Much has been said about the advantages of LED Line lights over the standard high output fluorescent. We at ProPhotonix have put this to the test by measuring our LOTUS LED line light against the standard high output fluorescent to see how LED Line Lights compare  [Read More…]