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Machine Vision Lighting

Strobing Machine Vision Lighting

strobing machine vision lighting

This post looks at machine vision strobe lighting, the reason why you would use strobe lighting in machine vision applications and multi-wavelength strobe applications. Why Use a Strobe Light Fast moving production lines where articles need to be inspected while in motion can be particularly challenging for machine vision systems.  [Read More…]

New Multispectral LED Line Light

Multispectral LED line light

ProPhotonix has recently announced a new multispectral LED line light, COBRA MultiSpec. The new product offers all of the benefits of the popular COBRA Series with up to twelve wavelengths. This post outlines the key features of the COBRA MultiSpec, potential applications as well as the benefits of a multispectral  [Read More…]

New RGB LED Line Light

RGB LED Line Light

ProPhotonix has recently launched a new RGB LED line light developed for use in machine vision applications.  This post looks at the features of the new line light and describes the types of line scan applications that could benefit from its use. The New RGB LED Line Light Utilizing Chip-on-Board  [Read More…]

Enhancing Quality with Machine Vision Lighting

Machine Vision Lighting

There are several factors that must be considered when seeking to enhance the quality of your throughput utilizing machine vision lighting. Three of the most important factors are wavelength, uniformity and angle of illumination. This post looks at these three important factors and their impact on image quality. In machine  [Read More…]

How Machine Vision Lighting Can Optimize Throughput

Machine Vision Lighting

  Ensuring you have optimum illumination in terms of quality, speed, safety and cost is essential if you are to detect defects quickly and easily, thereby improving your processing times and throughput. The importance of quality Quality, undoubtedly the most critical factor and it’s achieved by utilizing a high-quality machine  [Read More…]

Machine Vision Lighting FAQs Part 3

Machine Vision Lighting FAQs

In this post, part of our series on Machine Vision Lighting FAQs, we’ll look at an important consideration which is all too often overlooked until late in the design of vision systems; that of form factor in Machine vision lighting. Why is form factor important? This may seem obvious but  [Read More…]

Machine Vision Lighting FAQs Part 2

Machine Vision Lighting FAQs

In our previous post on machine vision lighting, we looked at wavelength and intensity in machine vision lighting. This post will look at the types of machine vision systems in use, as well as how this element will impact on your machine vision lighting selection. Machine Vision Applications There are  [Read More…]

Machine Vision Lighting FAQs Part 1

machine vision lighting

This post is the first in a series on machine vision lighting FAQs. These posts will outline the key questions to be considered by vision system designers when selecting the optimum machine vision lighting for their system. In this post we will discuss the importance of wavelength and intensity. What  [Read More…]

Selecting the optimum Machine Vision Lighting

Selecting the Optimum Machine vision Lighting

When you need a machine vision system that maximizes throughput and performs consistently, your machine vision lighting is critical. This post details the services available to help you optimize machine vision lighting for your vision system. Why focus on Machine Vision Lighting? Much has been said about the importance of  [Read More…]

New LED Line Light

New LED Line Light

LED line lights in machine vision applications are often associated with shorter working distances. In some applications, however, the stand-off distance (the distance between the light and the target) is longer and a long throw LED line light is required. This post looks at the new Infinity LED line light  [Read More…]