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Laser Diode Modules

New Digital Laser Module

Digital Laser

ProPhotonix has recently launched a new high-performance digital laser module platform, PROdigii™. The new configurable digital laser platform has been designed to deliver outstanding performance in even the most challenging operating environments. In this post, we will learn more about the PROdigii laser module, its innovative features and the applications  [Read More…]

About Integrated Optics

laser modules

ProPhotonix has recently announced the extension of its laser modules range with the addition of the MatchBox and ARA Series from Integrated Optics. In this post, we’ll learn more about Integrated Optics, its innovative laser module platforms and about the applications that could benefit from these lasers modules. Integrated Optics  [Read More…]

Laser Diode Modules for 3D Printing

Laser Diode Modules for 3D Printing

ProPhotonix recently announced that it has delivered more than 50,000 laser diode modules for use in 3D printers and scanners. This post discusses the key laser module requirements for these rapidly growing markets, techniques used in 3D printing and scanning, and how ProPhotonix can address the most demanding of requirements.  [Read More…]

Laser Diode Modules for Robotic Guidance

Robotic Guidance

ProPhotonix recently announced that is has now delivered more than 100,000 custom laser diode modules designed for robotic guidance applications. This post will discuss some of the requirements of laser modules for robotic guidance applications with a specific focus on the importance of optics and lifetimes. The post will also  [Read More…]

Laser Diode Module Selection for Scientific Applications

Laser Diode Module

In order to meet the specific and precise needs of the scientific community, an optimum laser diode module from a high-quality manufacturer must be chosen. This post explains why laser diode modules are critical components in a number of scientific instruments, and how the best laser solution enables a broad  [Read More…]

Specifying Laser Diode Modules for Photodynamic Therapy

Specifying laser diode modules for photodynamic therapy

Through photodynamic therapy, a range of soft tissue conditions in both humans and animals can be treated using targeted lasers. Here is our guide to the types of laser treatment available and the requirements for a diode laser systems that deliver stable laser energy at specific wavelengths and powers. Laser  [Read More…]

Laser Diode Modules 101

Laser Diode Modules 101

This post explains the fundamentals of laser diode modules, the options available to you when specifying a module and the benefits of choosing a laser diode module. What is a Laser Diode Module? Fundamentally, a laser diode module incorporates a laser diode, a lens, drive electronics and module housing. Laser  [Read More…]

New Fiber Coupled Laser Diode Modules

Fiber Coupled Laser Diode Modules

At Laser World of Photonics 2015 in Munich, ProPhotonix introduced a new range of fiber Coupled laser diode modules, the Fiber Pro series. This post will explore the features and benefits of the new range as well as its applications. What is Fiber Pro? Fiber Pro is a compact fiber  [Read More…]

The Compact Green Laser Module

green laser module

ProPhotonix recently announced the launch of a Compact green laser module range. This post looks at the advantages of the new laser modules and the range of applications it addresses. Direct emission green laser modules As a distributor of premium laser diodes, ProPhotonix has access to the latest in laser  [Read More…]

488nm Laser Diode Module

488nm Laser Diode module

ProPhotonix recently launched a 488nm laser diode module. This post looks at the advantages of the new laser module and the range of applications for it. The New 488nm Laser Diode Module ProPhotonix’ unique position as a distributor of laser diodes as well as designer and manufacturer of laser modules  [Read More…]

Custom Fiber Coupled Laser Diode Module Array

fiber Coupled laser Diode module Array

In this post, we will outline a Custom Fiber-Coupled laser diode module array designed by ProPhotonix for use in a Computer-to-Plate (CtP) system. In CtP Systems, an image created in a desktop publishing application is output directly to a printing plate for use in a printing press for volume printing.  [Read More…]

Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode Modules

Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode Modules

Easy to use, fiber-coupled laser diode modules have become the foundation technology in many new and emerging applications. What is a Fiber-Coupled Laser Module? In fiber-coupled laser diode modules, the module usually includes collimating optics for shaping and collimating an output beam, as well as connections for electrical power, modulation  [Read More…]

Selecting a Laser Module

Laser Module

There are a wide range of laser modules available on the market today and with standard as well as custom laser module offerings it is important to understand the options available to you. Here is a summary of our top 5 options. This is not an exhaustive list, merely a  [Read More…]

Key Considerations for a 3D scanner laser module

Key Considerations for a 3D Scanner Laser Module

In recent years 3D scanners for printing have emerged as mainstream commercial and consumer products. A preferred scanning technology is the use of laser modules in the 3D scanner. A logical question is, What factors should you consider when buying a laser module for use in 3D scanning? Key considerations  [Read More…]

Laser Diode Modules for Patient Positioning

Laser Diode Modules for Patient Positioning

  In recent years the number of applications for laser modules in the medical industry has seen a rapid increase. Laser diode modules are used in CT scanners, MRI machines and X-ray systems to enable precise, accurate patient alignment.   Requirements of Laser Diode Modules in Patient Alignment Systems Laser  [Read More…]

Have you been waiting for Green Laser Modules?

Green Laser Modules

  One of the most important technology changes in recent times is the introduction of the new direct emitting, 520nm, laser diode from Osram Opto-Semiconductor. This technology allows green laser modules as a much more attractive solution versus traditional technologies. Advantages over traditional  DPSS Lasers Laser Modules have been available in  [Read More…]