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Laser Diode Modules for Dental Imaging

Laser Diode Modules

Laser diode modules for dental imaging have played a vital role in the development of new systems in the dental equipment market, enabling the acceleration of processes for both dentist and patient. This post will highlight the types of systems utilizing laser diode modules, laser module applications in these systems  [Read More…]

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LED Lights for ANPR Applications

LED Lights for ANPR applications

ProPhotonix has recently announced that it has been developing LED lights for automatic number/license plate recognition (“ANPR”) systems for 15 years. This post discusses ANPR systems and the growing range of applications for this technology as well as the requirements of LED lights for ANPR systems. ANPR Systems ANPR systems  [Read More…]

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Laser Diode Modules for 3D Printing

Laser Diode Modules for 3D Printing

ProPhotonix recently announced that it has delivered more than 50,000 laser diode modules for use in 3D printers and scanners. This post discusses the key laser module requirements for these rapidly growing markets, techniques used in 3D printing and scanning, and how ProPhotonix can address the most demanding of requirements.  [Read More…]

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Laser Diode Modules for Robotic Guidance

Robotic Guidance

ProPhotonix recently announced that is has now delivered more than 100,000 custom laser diode modules designed for robotic guidance applications. This post will discuss some of the requirements of laser modules for robotic guidance applications with a specific focus on the importance of optics and lifetimes. The post will also  [Read More…]

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Strobing Machine Vision Lighting

strobing machine vision lighting

This post looks at machine vision strobe lighting, the reason why you would use strobe lighting in machine vision applications and multi-wavelength strobe applications. Why Use a Strobe Light Fast moving production lines where articles need to be inspected while in motion can be particularly challenging for machine vision systems.  [Read More…]

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UV LED Curing Systems

UV LED Curing Systems

UV LED curing systems offer many advantages when compared with traditional UV lamps such as reduced power consumption, instant on and off, reduced maintenance and improved stability over time. This post will provide an overview of some of these advantages of UV LED curing systems. Power Consumption of UV LED  [Read More…]

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Benefits of UV LED Curing Versus Traditional Systems

UV LED Curing Systems

The power, cost and capability of UV LED curing systems have improved to the point where they are now a viable alternative to traditional mercury-vapor lamps in several applications including printing, 3D printing, coatings and adhesives. This post will provide an overview of some of the advantages of UV LED  [Read More…]

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Custom LED Lights

Custom LED Lights

For industrial, medical and security applications, inappropriate or poor quality lighting can often result in longer processing times and reduced throughput. For the more challenging applications, off-the-shelf LED lighting solutions cannot deliver the performance required to optimize systems in many instances, particularly those incorporating machine vision. Often designed for a  [Read More…]

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Thermal Management of UV LED Curing Systems

UV LED Curing systems

Why is Thermal Management of UV LEDs Required? High peak irradiance and energy density are important factors in UV curing. To achieve this in UV LED based curing lamps, a large number of LEDs operating at high current and voltage levels is required. This process produces a lot of heat  [Read More…]

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About Ondax Laser Diodes

Ondax Laser Diodes

This post will provide an overview of Ondax laser diodes, including the available range, as well as why you might select an Ondax laser diode. About Ondax Ondax was founded in 2000 by a group of holography experts, and is based in California. Alongside their SureLock™ wavelength-stabilized laser diode products,  [Read More…]

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